Jan 5, 2018



Automate Customer Support - Benefits of a Chatbot

Has your business started using Chatbots? Many businesses have already adopted chatbots and are benefiting from automating to your chat support in a range of ways. Here’s a no. of ways your business can benefit:

1. Save Money and Free Up Resources - Chatbots are a one time investment which helps businesses reduce down on staff requirements - If you have a staff member who is spending several hours a day answering live chat messages via their website and social media page, hire a chatbot for your team could be a good move to both free up resources and save money.

2. Can be used on a range of platforms -  Bots can be used on some of the leading social networks and and Collaboration apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and your own website gives you the potential to reach a bigger audience. You can even use chatbots to correspond with customers via SMS - Now that’s pretty cool!

3. Reduce Repetition - Nobody looks doing the same tasks again and again and if you are receive a large no. of similar inquiries, you can remove a lot of repetitive back and forth by creating a AI powered chatbot. If there are any unique inquiries which the chatbot is unable to answer, a customer service rep/business owner will then be notified.

4. Speed up Turnaround times with 24/7 Availability - On an average people spend 7 minutes until they are assigned to an agent and we all know firsthand how frustrating that can be - An intelligently designed Chatbot.

If you are looking to save time and resource, improve turnaround times and more, feel free to contact us and we can help you setup a 24/7 Customer Service Rep for your Business.

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