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Jan 22, 2018



Dropbox Automation - Backup your files automatically

Dropbox is the world’s leading file hosting service and is an incredible tool for companies looking to store important data and documents online. Syncing Dropbox with the applications you use on a daily basis is a fantastic way for your business to save and document your business’s most important info in one consolidated place. 

Here’s a range of examples of how you can sync your apps with your Dropbox account.

  • For Wordpress users, save your website’s form submissions by linking Gravity Forms to Dropbox so all form submissions are backed up
  • Add all our new Gmail Emails to Dropbox so all Emails.
  • Copy all Google Doc and Google Sheets files to Dropbox
  • Keep track of all Social Media Posts by saving all your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Posts to Dropbox

If you are looking to automatically backup your business's most important document through Dropbox automation, feel free to send us an email and we will be in touch for a free consultation.

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