Dec 8, 2017



How to automate your Lead Generation

If you are a business in the B2B Marketplace and looking to create a lead generation email campaign, we can help your business bring in new customers using a no. of clever automation techniques and tools. We can help you:

Find out who’s interested in your business

- We track who visits your website through a no. of analytics tools. We can then score each visitor based on their level of interest giving you visibility to the hottest leads.

Reaching out to prospects 

- We design a series of automated emails designed to deliver your messages based on your contact's behavior. As a result, your sales efforts will be more efficient and result in higher conversions.

Need help getting started? 

Generating a list of emails can be difficult and take a lot of time. Through a no. of lead generation methods such as web crawling and link harvesting, we can build an email list for you targeting your ideal customer profile allowing you to hit the ground running.

Timing is crucial

 - Receive notifications when potential customers click on your mail or website, so you can follow up with them when you are fresh on their minds.

Tracking Progress 

- Receive reports showing how effective your automated sales campaign is. Get a birds Eye view of Key Metrics from Open Rates & Click Through to No. of New Leads Generated.

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