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Jan 30, 2018



How to automate your social media posts

‍We all waste time on social media, I can spend hours in a week scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Managing your business social media page can also be a time consuming endeavour, especially when brainstorming to create engaging content, responding to followers comments and messages and of course, posting content across platforms.

For some small businesses posting several a month may not take up too much time but for larger businesses who have 10,000 of followers and curating engaging content on a daily basis and dealing with order, inquiries through their social media pages, automation can be a life save.

There are some great ways to help save your business time by automating your social media management.

When posting content for your business, we can help automate how your business shares content in a no. of methods. Posting New Content via RSS or from your Wordpress Blog to your social media channels so all your latest blog posts are automatically posted for all your social media audience to see whether be it Twitter and Facebook. It can also be beneficial and time efficient to syndicate Updates across your accounts so Facebook posts are automatically posted to Twitter. Some social media posts aren’t suitable for cross platform posts as each platform operates differently in providing the end user with different needs.

Of course there is other content you can share to social media other than the standard post or Tweet. Thanks to autoshare Mailchimp campaigns, you can also share your latest newsletters automatically to your LinkedIn profile. You can also inform your followers instantaneously as soon as a new event is created by syncing your Google Calendar or Meet Up account with your social media channels.

Thanks for reading, if you are looking to automate some of your social media tasks, why not contact us today.

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