Jan 15, 2018



Improve your Online Store's performance

Autovation are driven to help you get the most out of your online store. Do you have sales, marketing, customer service, fulfillment and reporting sorted?

Can there be time or money saved in the running of your online store?

Boost & Monitor Sales

  • Maximize the potential of your online store by having your products automatically synced across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.
  • Receive automated online sales reports with a breakdown of your performance and the main factors contributing to your stores success.
  • Main Metrics of your business and online store - sync in with your E-commerce platform, Google Analytics, Social Media etc. so you have an overview of all your key metrics.


  • With automated email campaigns (aka autoresponders) such as Mailchimp, you can create and schedule emails ahead of time so they automatically send to your new subscribers.
  • Based on past consumer behaviour, send personalised and targeted emails based on the Intelligent segmentation of your customer data.
  • Send upsell emails with incentives such as gift vouchers and discounts to encourage customers to buy!

Social Media -

  • Save time by Cross Posting and Syndicate content posting from Instagram to Twitter/Facebook or automatically post new blog posts to Twitter
  • Monitor your Brand online - get notifications when your brand is mentioned online.
  • Save new social media content to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Customer Experience -

  • Create an AI chat bot to answer frequently asked questions about your stores products
  • Integrate the best live chat apps to your Online Store so you can help customers in real time
  • Feed new customer details into your preferred CRM so you can check up with your customers  through personalised automated Text and Emails

Smarter Fulfillment -

  • Make order fulfillment effortless by generating Google Sheets of products to ship as the orders
  • Get real time notification of customer orders and have follow up tasks created for each sale
  • Even automate the processing of orders and shipments using apps such as Shipstation

Payments & Invoicing -

  • Create a Xero or Quickbooks Invoice for each order
  • Have invoices sent automatically once generated
  • Receive automated payment reports from Paypal/Stripe and more.

Stay on top of your store payments and invoicing can be tough

Reporting -

  • Receive Sales Automated reports with an insight into how effective each sales funnel is
  • Automated Marketing reports analyzing the performance of each marketing channel whether Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or SEO.
  • Reports analyzing the performance of your online store covering wide range of areas from website traffic and conversion rates to customers satisfaction ratings and fulfillment times.

If you are interested in discussing how your online store can be improved with the help of Autovation, why not contact us for a free consultation. Thank you for reading.

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