Jan 24, 2018



Increase Ecommerce Sales with Autovation

Here are a no. of ways Autovation can help boost your stores online sales and allow you to take ownership and track your sales more effectively.

By selling your products across a no. of different sales channels, your products will be shown to a wider audience and result in a higher likelihood sales.

Sell more of your products

1) Maximize the potential of your online store by having your products automatically synced across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

2) Receive automated online sales reports with a breakdown of your performance and the main factors contributing to your stores success.

3) With automated email campaigns (aka autoresponders) such as Mailchimp, you can create and schedule emails ahead of time so they automatically send to your new subscribers.

4) Based on past consumer behaviour, send personalised and targeted emails based on the Intelligent segmentation of your customer data.

5) Send upsell emails with incentives such as gift vouchers and discounts to encourage customers to buy!

If you are looking to get the best out of your Ecommerce store and increase sales, contact Autovation today for a free consultation.

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