Dec 8, 2017



How to integrate Gmail with Shopify

The no. of Shopify store is growing rapidly with over 500,000 businesses now powered by Shopify across an impressive 175 countries. To fully maximize the performance of your online business it’s vital to explore the different integrations available which could potentially help your business increase sales and improve the management of their online store.

There are countless tools and integrations which can help business improve their online store and one which is often overlooked is surprisingly a tool we use on a daily basis - Gmail.

Here our 5 Ways we can help your online store through the use of Gmail:

1. Always stay up to date on the performance of your online store - Get a digest of new Shopify orders sent to your Gmail on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you are always up to date on the performance of your online store.

2.Keep your Customers Up To Date on the latest news from your online store - Whether you’re informing them of the latest releases or special offers, it’s great way to build trust with your customer. This can be done by adding new Shopify customers to a digest and send it to your customers every week or month.

3. Welcome new Shopify customers with personalized emails from Gmail - Great way to make customers feel welcome and create a positive first impression.

4. Remind Customers to complete their purchase- According to a study carried out by Baymard Institute, 68.07% of customers abandon cart before purchase. This results in less than ⅓ actually going ahead and completing their purchase. We can help your business setup triggered emails via Gmail so potential customers are automatically reminded of purchases.

5. Follow Up emails to existing customers - There are range of possible follow up emails you can send to existing customers such as promoting related products they may be interested, thanking them for their custom, offering incentives for further purchases (such as Gift Vouchers & Discount Codes) and also to prompt customers to leave a positive rating for your online store or even recommend to their friends.

Keep your customers happy

There are countless ways your store can be improved thanks to Gmail Automation and we hope the above 5 may be useful for your business (that’s if you don’t have it sussed already).

If you are looking for help deciding on the most suitable integrations to get the best out of your online store or if you need help configuring and setting up these integrations, just click on the ‘Request a Call Back’ Call to Action in the Top Right and we will be in touch.  

Thanks you for reading!

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