Jan 10, 2018



The Effectiveness of Abandoned Cart Emails

Increase your online stores sales by 15%

Give your customers a reminder of what they’ve left behind and increase email-generated revenue by automatically following up with people whose path to purchase was interrupted.

  • 74.5% of carts were abandoned in 2016.
  • Benchmark figures for abandoned cart emails are as follows: email click rate – 28.7% and conversion rate – 5%.
  • With ¾ leaving of visitors leaving their cart abandoned and only ¼ completing purchase, abandoned cart emails can help increase your sales by 15%.
  • A whopping 86% of carts are abandoned on Mobile Phone.
  • Online stores have also seen a 8% increase in abandoned carts last year

The high no. of abandon carts your store shows that there’s no time like the present to start converting those abandoned carts into sales. Contact Autovation today and we can help set up automated Abandoned Cart Emails for your Online Store which are personalized and beautifully designed so we can help increase your online stores sales and ensure you’re making the most out of your sales opportunity.

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