Dec 9, 2017



Useful Shopify Integrations - Mailchimp, Slack and More.

Useful Shopify Integrations - Mailchimp, Trello, Slack and More.

There are so many tools and integrations out there which can help enhance the performance of your Shopify Store. Here are a range of ways your business can get the best out of your online shop with the help of integrations:

Help your Business keep track of their latest orders:

  • Add new Shopify Orders to Google Spreadsheets so you can keep track of all orders and customer information
  • Receive Text and Email Notifications with the help of apps such as Firetext and Gmail so you are the first to know about a new order and you can take action straight away.

Ensure you make the best use of your Customers Information:

  • Add New Shopify Customers to your CRM of choice whether that be Salesforce, Active Campaign or Hubspot
  • Add customer information for all new orders to your Mailchimp database so you can connect with your customers and keep them updated on both the fulfillment process and the latest special offers that may interest them.
  • Generate a new Zendesk ticket for each order being placed, so you will have customers purchase history on file for all future inquiries

Easily create Tasks for your fulfillment team:

  • Create Trello Cards for new orders so you can delegate different tasks to your team and oversee the fulfillment process
  • Share New Payment Orders from Shopify with your team via Slack

Stay clued in on how your online store is performing:

  • Get a Schedule summary of all new Shopify orders to your Slack channel so you can get an overview of how your online store is performing.

Improve Inventory Management:

  • Update products in Shopify from new rows in Google Spreadsheets so it saves you the hassle of adding each product manually in Shopify.

Make Social Media and Blog Promotion easier:

  • Automatically pin new Shopify products to a board in Pinterest so you can spread the word on your stores latest products as soon as they are released.
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your online store social media by sharing all new product uploads via Twitter
  • Have new products automatically shared to your Wordpress blog so your followers are constantly aware of your store latest releases.

Make Payment and Invoicing Easy:

  • Keep track of payments and invoices by Creating Xero and Quickbooks Invoices from Shopify orders.

There are many ways your online stores performance can be improved through the use of these app integration. The possibilities are limitless.

If you are looking for help deciding on the most suitable integrations to get the best out of your online store, whether be it Shopify, Ecwid or Woocommerce, we would love to hear from you. Just click on the ‘Request a Call Back’ Call to Action in the Top Right and we will be in touch.  

Thanks for reading!

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